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Accounts Module provides ability to process routine transactions involving cash, bank, purchase and sale vouchers. Reporting sub system also facilitates generation of books of accounts such as Cash book, Bank book, Journals, Sales ledger, Purchase ledger etc...,

Global Settings

Global Setting is the Basis for all the modules in any Porduct. Here we declare and define Global data which can be used by all the modules of the Product. All the Basic Settings like Institute Info, Currency Info, Number Generations are mentioned here.


Communication module is used to communicate the students and staff via E-mail, SMS etc.. E- mail templates are also provided for the user to send follow ups remainder and intimation about the lease renewal, property registration etc...

User Management

User may find it tedious when data to be entered is voluminous. This module offer an easy way by allowing users to enter data in Excel format and later import it into the system. The System takes due care to validate the data before its accepted.


This module is mainly used to store the details about the lead customers. Based on the lead product, the customer are converted into lead, details stored such as lead name, product, status, package etc.

Project Management

Project management module is used for assigning the task and inspecting the task of staff in the organization. It is helpful in calculating working hours of the individual staff in the organization. It is also used to calculate the project wise report and staff wise report in the organization.


This modules envisages that a typical organization routes all the material requirements to the Purchase Department which is entrusted with the task of material procurement from the suppliers. Inventory also facilitates the concept of a centralized store or warehouse from where materials are issued to different consumption centers.


Report module plays a vital role for all the other modules of this software. In this module the report for every other modules are generated and it also requires regular updating of data for this module. It also allows the user to save, mail and print the reports for their use.